Carsten Jamrow

Mercedes-Benz V-Class #MakeYourMove

Mercedes-Benz V-Class #MakeYourMove



Make your move – new beginnings – a deep breath and headfirst into the unknown – Uncertainty – open playing fields – taking your chances.
The best life choices are never the easy ones. We want to celebrate the brave ones who’ve chosen independence.

We want to celebrate the brave ones who’ve chosen independence. And we put the ideal companion for such self-determined confidence at their side - the new Mercedes V-Class. These are intimate, real life human stories - not simply car commercials.

Together with Mercedes-Benz we identified 6 customer profiles, selecting the perfect protagonist for each target group and building a truly digital first campaign for over 20 countries.

We selected Nick Fouquet (Marco Polo), Mikkel Karstad (Family), Ruby Barber (Dual-Use), Vincent & Lea (Outdoor under 40), Blacklane (People Moving), and Francisco Cipriano (Outdoor over 50).

The Online Films

Together with Director Alex Eslam, we produced 5 long-versions, 10cutdowns, 6 bumper, 12 product-snippets and 1 productfilm. (all versions on request)


The Keyvisuals.

We shot 5 keyvisuals and 125 sideshots, with André Josselin, for social-media use. Additionally every protagonist got a camera to produce more social-media content for his own Chanel.