Carsten Jamrow

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Campaign

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Campaign "100% FOR YOU"

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With over 1,700 variants and up to 600 options, the Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz is a versatile all-rounder, which is based on needs and requirements of its owner. Thats why we came up with a fully customized campaign, based on the needs of our target group and the individual customer journey.

Together with Mercedes-Benz we developed 5 different Personas and their reasons for a vehicle purchase and put it in individual films for every persona.

The Claim of this Campaign "100% FOR YOU" describes the fully customized and perfect fitted Sprinter for our target group and also for the the customized advertising concept.

The Teaser

For the first teaser phase we developed 3 Teaser Films, featuring the most important new features of our Van. All Films were also mobile optimized for Facebook.

The 5 persona films

As described above, we have developed the 5 films for each persona. Only features have been integrated that encourage the personas to buy. Every film was started with the remark "this is not for you" to get the interest of the people in the first 3 sec.

The Keyvisuals

The print campaign was also developed on the basis of the 5 personas.. Here are the motifs.